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Problems and Solutions

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We are available here and now. You just have to sign a cooperation agreement
You can assess our competence on the basis of our projects or while negotiations. Besides this, we write down the responsibility clause in our agreements
A lot of members from our team have experience in setting and running their own businesses. We also work with a great variety of companies that gives us the possibility to understand owners better
We engage in "battle" almost immediately, primarily solving urgent and product neutral issues, conducting a marketing audit of the company. This allows us to demonstrate our effectiveness from the first week of cooperation.
Being on the side of the company, we select the optimal business solutions, we attract outsourcing specialists or help in candidates' assessment. In other words, we remove a headache from an owner, reduce costs and increase efficiency
We work in our personal office, but meet with clients in their offices for special needs
We are constantly working with a large number of projects and can prepare the most up-to-date business solutions to grow it
How do we work?
In this video, Yuri Budilov, founder of Marketer#2,
describes in detail about the stages of cooperation between
the company and business projects
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Stages of our cooperation

with a project, a company and a business

Consultation -
investigation of
a problem, tasks

Marketing audit
of a project,
processes of a company

Strategy -
working out
"Road Map" in detail

Post support to sustain
stable result

Fix the result
with guarantee
of performance

Project Management with involvement
on a turn-key basis

Planning of results,
setting goals

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Years of marketing experience
Business instruments
Realized projects
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Reviews about our work

Elizaveta Shchepetilnikova
Senior Adviser EdUSA Ukraine. We have known the company “Marketer#2” for several years and have been cooperating in various project areas, from organizing and conducting trainings for the top managers of our organization to project support of our events, creating a new website, developing projects in social networks and many other tasks. Therefore, I boldly recommend "Marketer#2" to cooperation as they are really good at what they do

Senior Adviser/EdUSA Ukraine

Denis Chernobaev
Despite the fact that I personally know the guys from the time when they were a small web studio in Odessa, I have not dared to ask for help for a very long time, about three years. As an entrepreneur you are always trying to pull out all by yourself. Only now I understand how much I was mistaken before. We have made a significant breakthrough in just a couple of months, namely carried out the rebranding, worked out the development strategy and began to implement it. We are preparing to launch a whole pool of activities in online advertising, printing polygraph materials and branded merch for our clients. In general, everything is seething! By the way, if you need a video for business, please contact us. We will be happy to help!

Owner Bona Idea Production

Vadim Kernichy
We got acquainted with the company thanks to the occasion, my wife was looking for something on YouTube and accidentally got to the channel of the company “Marketer # 2”. We watched a few video and realized that we understood very little in marketing, so we decided to seek advice. Our project lasted 5 months. Despite the fact that for the entire period of work we saw each other only once, all tasks on the project were completed accurately and on time. A huge "Thank you" is worth saying that the team "pushes" the customer side, when we forgot to do something on our part.

BORO, Founder

Victor Vaitsekhovskiy
We just tried to find a marketer in the company, and found a team that turned our understanding of the world of Marketing on its head. The most difficult thing was just to start trusting the guys on 100% and we managed to do that in two months. Wish we did that on the first day, then we would have the results earlier. Now, at the end of the 5-month contract, we have agreed on the extension of the contract for another 5 months. Our business is growing, we are updating the team, have moved to a beautiful new office and continue to optimize business processes day after day. Thank you very much for your friendship and effective partnership!


Maxim Pasynok
The guys quickly plunged into the company, deeply studied business processes, developed a marketing strategy. We were shooting videos about the company, working with all possible types of advertising, and even restructured the sales department. Thanks to this, the level of customer return has increased, we have already opened a new retail store. One big company in the B2B segment even started working with us. We didn’t understand previously what Marketing was, but this changed after meeting the "Marketer#2" team.

KONORS, Co-owner

Our friends, clients and partners


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Unfortunately, due to a great amount of "infobusiness guru", many concepts and terms in the real world are often confused with fiction.

Marketing management is the construction of business processes, promotion is a part of marketing, and advertising is a part of promotion

We together with owners / investors build business processes, including issues of positioning, promotion and advertising

Let's describe all in order. There are marketing audit, coordination of the development concept, approval of the strategy, budget planning and active actions. However, everything may differ, depending on the features and objectives of your business.